Employment opportunities

If you are an employer looking to hire our graduates (or even our students for summer jobs and the such) please contact our Chair at and we will be happy to publish your announcement here.

Other "real-world" opportunities

Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

If you are interested in getting real experience building a substantial software system as part of a distributed team, you'll be interested in UCOSP!

UCOSP is a senior undergraduate course, which has been running since September 2008. In this course, teams of students from several schools work together on an open-source software project. Each student registers in the appropriate course at his or her home institution (in our case this course would be either CS 404 or CS 408) and works in tandem with their peers from across the country. During one intensive weekend early in the course, students travel to meet face-to-face and work together.

This course exposes students to the tools, working practices, and issues that are now routine in global software development. Just as importantly, it enables them to get to know their peers from across the country. UCOSP is sponsored by Canadian CS Department Chairs and several industrial partners.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Dr. Stefan D Bruda, who is the faculty partner for UCOSP at Bishop's by 15 June for the Fall term and by 1 November for the Winter term.

Co-operative Education Program

We offer a co-op program that combines a student's academic program with integrated work experiences through full-time work terms and regular academic sessions. Up to three work terms are designed to present the students with the opportunity to blend theory and practice and to gain relevant work experience.