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Grading will be based on one open-book mid-term test (happening around week 5, 20%), (approximately) two assignments (20%), a presentation of some advanced AI topic (15%), and an open-book final examination (45%). There will be no supplemental examinations.

The basic marking scheme for assignments will be "pass" (A)/"fail" (F), but up to 10% "bonus" marks will be awarded for exceptionally good solutions (A+). In special circumstances when neither A nor F are suitable a B (50%) may be awarded. You are not allowed to collaborate in doing your assignments

Towards the end of the term you will be asked to prepare a report on some AI topic and present it in class. Topics will be available in due course. You can also propose your own topic (which I have to approve--presenting a non approved topic will result in zero marks).

For the report you will work in groups of up to two students. All collaborators must be currently taking the course. Groups should be formed (and reported to me) before the topic is handed out. Your research is worth 15% of the final mark: 10% for the report, and 5% for the presentation. Up to 10% ``bonus'' will also be awarded for exceptionally good reports.

All the written examinations are open-book, meaning that you are allowed to bring with you and consult any kind of documentation.

Any form of academic dishonesty will result automatically in zero marks for the respective test and will be pursued to the full extent of departmental and university regulations on the matter.

Special needs

Should you require special accommodations because of a disability, please come and discuss this with me at the begining of the term. I will not take into consideration requests made on or after the day in which the first assignment is released. You must also contact the Counselling Resource Centre to obtain authorization for any special arrangements.

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