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CS Computing Facilities

The department maintains computing facilities in addition to the general facilities provided by ITS, as follows. Technical support for all these facilities can be obtained by writing to

All CS students (and also students taking CS courses) have access to the machine You probably already have an account on this machine. If you don’t have one or you do not know your login credentials contact your CS instructor or write to

  • Note that the old student accounts (on are not migrated automatically. If you have an old account and want to recover your data obtain first a new account and then send a request to mentioning your name and user name (and also the old user name if different).

The machine provides the following services:

  1. Remote login using the SSH protocol and including X11 forwarding. Windows users should use an SSH client such as PuTTY to login and an SCP client such as WinSCP to transfer files. Mac OS and Linux users can use the commands ssh and scp that come with the operating system. This service is available on- and off-campus.
  2. Remote graphical desktop using X2Go. X2Go is installed in all the computing labs on campus (on both the Mac OS and Windows sides); for use on personal computers the X2Go client needs to be downloaded first. One way or another provide the following to connect: your user name (and password when prompted), and XFCE as session type. This service is available on- and off-campus.
    Tips for using the XFCE desktop:

    • By default tab completion in termials and the such does not work. This is an Xfce bug (sending a super key modifier with the command) and the workaround is to go to Application Menu -> Settings -> Window Manager, click on the “Keyboard” tab, and clear the “Switch window for same application” setting.
  3. (available soon) A SMB volume containing the home directory of (including your home directory and also /home/COURSES) is available. Authenticate with your user name and password. This service is only available on campus.
    • Linux users will not be able to mount this share, as Linux lacks encryption support for SMB at this time. You can however use smbclient (with the -e switch). This all being said, the recommended solution for mounting this directory under Linux is SSHFS; see the documentation of your distribution or contact for support. As an added bonus SSHFS is available right now, on- and also off-campus.

Graduate students in the thesis-based stream have in addition access to which provides email services and personal Web space. By defaults email forwarding is the only service that is set up. To know your user name and/or request additional services contact your supervisor or write to

CS Help Centre

The CS Help Centre is located in J9, and provides help especially for questions related to first-year CS courses. Below are the hours as well as the Senior student on duty. You are all welcome to use this facility.

Monday & Tuesday: 4:00-6:00, Duncan Mackay
Wednesday: 4:00-6:00, Marie Belisle
Thursday: 4:00-6:00, Dan Wang

At other times, the room is used by any Computer Science student as a “hangout” room, where they can have lunch (microwave, fridge, coffee machine provided!), socialize, spend time between classes, or plan for interesting activities in a respectful and collegial way!

A large number of senior students have a key to the room. If you want one,

  1. see the information on the Access Card and Key page of the Buildings & Grounds website,
  2. fill-in the form provided on the above web page,
  3. bring the form to the departmental chair for a signature.

Note that a deposit will be asked from you when you get your key from Buildings & Grounds.

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