Historical Video – Dedication of Stoddard Hall


Drawing by Margaret Stoddard

In 1991, Stoddard Hall was dedicated. There were speeches and poems by Helen McCammon, Nancy Pacaud, Margaret Stoddard, and Keith Baxter.

Margaret talks about how she and Al attended UU events in many churches, and found basements that were finished and well used in most of them.
For several years Al, in particular, lobbied hermes bracelet bangles
to have a full basement put under our church, which then had a dry-stone foundation, and a gloomy cellar with a stream running through it, housing only the furnace and toilet.

At last the project hermes outlet came about, the video includes some clips of the actual work. At the time hermes bracelet of the dedication, the “Lower Level” housed a Waldorf school.

A tape (probably VHS)  was made birkin bag hermes of the ceremony, and now Gordon Stoddard (who appears in the video) has produced a modern mpeg-4 format.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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