Privacy Policy

Adopted by the Board, January 2012

UUEstrie is a spiritual community that respects the inherent worth and dignity of every person. During the course of our normal and various projects and activities, we gather personal information about our members and friends. Anyone who gives us such personal information can expect it to be carefully protected, and its use subject to the utmost professional discretion, and ultimately, to the owner’s consent.

Personal information includes anything that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact a specific individual. In the course of our normal operations, UUEstrie gathers and records contact information (name, phone, address, email) for members and friends of our community. Giving us your contact information implies consent to our using it in reasonable ways. For example, your contact information will be shared freely with other members of our community, and occasionally with the wider UU community, such as the Canadian Unitarian Council, and neighbouring UU congregations; knowing one another and being in contact with one another are the essence of making us a community.

Personal contact information is also used to periodically disseminate news about the activities of UUEstrie to the members and friends of our community (Note: anyone may remove themselves from any of our e-mail lists at any time; see the Opt-out statement below). But such contact information is not routinely shared outside the UU community: we recognize the need to keep a degree of confidentiality with such information. This implies that unless there are urgent health, safety, or security concerns, we shall not share such contact information with non-UU third parties, or the general public, without the owner’s express consent.

We are not a commercial organization and we never rent, sell or trade our mailing lists, and our website does not engage in tracking of visitors. Thus we believe we comply with the EU E-Privacy Directive. (Our website uses WordPress, which does set three ‘cookies.’ These remember, on your computer, your browser settings, a time, and your language preference, only.)

Personal information can go beyond simple contact information to include photos, an individual’s donation records, their opinions or beliefs, and other more intimate facts about them or related to them. This type of personal information also becomes known in the normal operations of our spiritual community, as people participate in our community and we get to know them more closely, as we are confided in by them, or as we provide pastoral care for them. For such information the operative word is discretion; sometimes it is appropriate to share with certain other members of our community, and sometimes it is not appropriate to share with anyone else, including within our community. In particular, our minister and lay members of our pastoral care team are enjoined to practice the highest standards of professional discretion with all such personal information. Finally, this type of personal information is kept confidential from the general public at all times without the owner’s express consent. The sole exception again would be where overriding health, safety or security concerns require communication with appropriate professionals or authorities.

Generally, we collect, use and disclose personal information only for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances. We also take measures to ensure the integrity and accuracy of this information. Any question, concern, suggestion, or complaint relating to our Privacy Policy or our treatment of personal information can be emailed to, or delivered personally to our Minister or any member of our Board of Trustees, who will bring it to the attention of the Board. Finally, upon a verifiable request, we promise to delete your entry from our database or destroy or return, as appropriate, any information we have about you without delay, except for certain basic information we must retain, by law, if you are, or have been, an official member of UUEstrie, or if you have been joined in marriage or civil union by one of our officiants.

Opt-Out Statement

If at any time you wished to be removed from any of these 3 types of e-mail lists:

  1. Weekly email about coming events: Send email with Subject: unsubscribe to
  2. Monthly newsletter notification: Click on opt-out link in the email.
  3. Ad hoc mailings from church leaders: Contact us by phone at 819-842-4146 or via e-mail at Mention what type of mailing you do not want to receive.