B.A. Program, Major in Information Technology (BAIT)

Data and information are the primary assets in all organizations. The BAIT program provides the necessary business and technical skills and knowledge to help organizations explore and manage their data and information to improve decision making processes and therefore business performance. Students in this program will develop skills and knowledge in information technology, management practices and organizations, with the required fundamentals of Computer Science.

For further information about program requirement, please refer to the “B.A. Program, Major in Information Technology” in the BU Academic Calendar, under the Computer Science section.

Why Would a Student Choose BAIT?

This program is designed for dedicated students who are willing to learn from two perspectives – Business and IT. As such, this program involves intensive preparation in both business administration and information technology and a specialization in areas that combine both backgrounds. Graduates of this program may become IT entrepreneurs, or expect to find employment as Business Intelligence Specialist, IT Analysts, IT Consultants, IT quality assurance specialists, Data Specialist, and IT Project Managers in diverse industries, including banking, insurance, retailing and consulting.

Co-op Opportunity

Full-time BAIT students (min 70% cumulative average with at least 15 credits) will be eligible for Co-operative Education program at Bishop’s. Bishop’s co-op students have found themselves more equipped for the working world while enhancing their overall class experience.

Testimonials From Current Students and Alumni

  • Jean-Francois Noel (class’ 2013, Director of Information Systems. www.haivision.com): “With BAIT, you learn the business needs, marketing needs, production needs and much more!”
  • Jacob Denis (Graduating in 2016, will work for labo.dmm.com in Japan): “BAIT is really business studies with actual programming/computer knowledge.”
  • Alexandre Vaillancourt (Current student as of 2015): “With the co-op program and BAIT, I am getting real-world experience which is an invaluable asset for my future career. I would definitely recommend BAIT to anyone.”

General Policies and Procedures

To complete the BAIT program, a student must satisfy the following credit requirements. Please refer to the BU Academic Calendar, under the Computer Science Section, for the full list of the courses required.

Required Courses: Prerequisites (12 credits)
Computer Science (CS) and Business Courses: Please refer to Table II in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics section of the Academic Calendar.

Required Courses: Core Curriculum (30 credits)
Computer Science (CS) Courses: Five mandatory courses from CS: Foundations of CS (CS 201), Intro to Networks (CS 214), Intro to Programming (CS 211), Data Structures (CS 304) and Databases (CS 307).
Business Courses: Five mandatory courses from WSB: Management of Information Systems (BCS 220), Organizational Behaviour (BHR221), Management Theory and Practice (BMG 112), and Two Statistics courses (BMA 140, 141).

Required Courses: Secondary Core1 (30 credits)
Computer Science (CS) Courses: A minimum of 3 courses out of 13 courses offered in CS, such as Web Design (CS 203, 207), Apps Design (CS 230, 330), Data Mining (CS 305), and Computer Security (CS 325).
Business Courses: A minimum of 3 courses out of 14 courses offered in WSB, such as E-Commerce (BCS212), IT Entrepreneurship (BCS 210), System Design (BCS 313), and Marketing Communications (BMK 323)

Required Courses: Arts and Science (3cr.) and Free Electives (45cr.)
Computer Science (CS) and Business Courses: Any 3- credit course outside Science, Business, and Education, in addition to 45 credits of free electives.

1 Students are advised to consult the Academic Calendar for all possible secondary core courses and their prerequisites.

Note: Students following this program are not eligible to combine the Business or Computer Science Major or Minor to their degree.