MSc Theses

Two Problems Believed to Exhibit Superunitary Behaviour Turn out to Fall within the Church-Turing Thesis, by Abdollah Dadizadeh, January 2019 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Improved Balance in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games, by Chailong Huang, April 2018 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

The Equivalence of Computation Tree Logic and Failure Trace Testing under Multiple Conversion Algorithms, by Rui Zuo, April 2018 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

On the Equivalence between Computation Tree Logic and Failure Trace Testing by Sunita Singh, August 2017 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Communicating Multi-Stack Visibly Pushdown Processes by Davidson Madudu, March 2016 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Profile-Based Access Control in Cloud Computing Environments with Applications in Health Care Systems by Umair Mukhtar Ahmed Naushahi, February 2016 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Practical Applications of Biological Realism in Artificial Neural Networks, by Tegan Maharaj, November 2015 (supervisor: Layachi Bentabet).

A Combination Approach to Face Recognition by Andrew Enughwure, November 2015 (supervisor: Madjid Allili).

Students in Computer ScienceA Novel Image Segmentation Method based on Energy Minimization with an Application to Cardiac PET Image Segmentation, by Gong
Cheng, August 2015 (supervisor: Madjid Allili).

Computation Tree Logic Is Equivalent to Failure Trace Testing by A. F. M. Nokib Uddin, July 2015 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

The “ptrace” Solution to Stack Integrity Attacks in GNU/Linux Systems by Erick Leon, May 2015 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Toward a Model Checker for Ambient Logic Using the Process Analysis Toolkit by Yujie Sun, January 2015 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems with Context-Free Components Are Really Turing Complete by Mary Sarah Ruth Wilkin, November 2014 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

An Approach to Stack Overflow Counter-Measures Using Kernel Properties by Benjamin Teissier, November 2013 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

A Distributed Architecture for Remote Service Discovery in Pervasive Computing by Farzad Salehi, December 2011 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Fast polygonal Approximation of Height Fields and Application to Interactive Visualization and Watershed Segmentation by Yan Chen, July 2011 (supervisors: Madjid Allili and Layachi Bentabet)

Bayesian Image Matting Using Infrared and Color Cues by Hui Zhang, May 2011 (supervisor: Layachi Bentabet)

Fuzzy Logic Techniques for Matting Using Infrared and Color Image by Guodong Gao, April 2011 (supervisor: Layachi Bentabet).

A Testing Framework for Real-Time Specifications by Chun Dai, January 2009 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda).

Communicating Visibly Pushdown Processes by Md. Tawhid Bin Waez, December 2008 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda).

Model Checking is Refining—Computational Temporal Logic is Equivalent to Failure Trace Testing by Zhyiu Zhang, December 2008 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda).

The Relationship Between Several Parallel Computational Models by Yuanqiao Zhang, December 2008 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda).

Multiple Target Tracking in Cluttered Scene by Yi Sun, August 2007 (supervisor: Layachi Bentabet).

Current graduate students

Abdollah Dadizadeh (
Shahn Nadeau
Mehrdad Naserdoust (
Qi Wang
Tianqi Xiao (


Chailong Huang (MSc, 2018) (
Rui Zuo
(MSc, 2018) (
Sunita Singh
(MSc, 2018) (
Davidson Madudu
(MSc, 2016) (
Umair Naushahi (MSc, 2016)
Tegan Maharaj (MSc, 2015)
Andrew Enughwure (MSc, 2015)
Gong Cheng (MSc, 2015)
A.F.M. Nokib Uddin (MSc, 2015)
Erick Leon (MSc, 2015)
Yujie Sun (MSc, 2015)
Mary Sarah Ruth Wilkin (MSc, 2014) (
Benjamin Teissier (MSc, 2013)
Farzad Salehi (MSc, 2011)
Yan Chen (MSc, 2011)
Guodong Gao (MSc, 2011)
Hui Zhang (MSc, 2011)
Md Tawhid Bin Waez (MSc, 2008)
Yuanqiao Zhang (MSc, 2008)
Zhiyu Zhang (MSc, 2008)
Chun Dai (MSc, 2008)
Yi Sun (MSc, 2007)
Rob Britton (BSc, 2007) ( is currently working as a software engineer at NVIDIA in Boulder, Colorado.
Scott Stoddard (BSc, 2007) (
Patrick McLean (BSc, 2005)
Nick Floersch (BSc, 2004) ( is a GIS developer in Richmond, VT, often involved in the back-end portions of web applications. He has also been getting involved in the civic hacking scene. His major project from this volunteer effort is called Lakecraft.
Jason Bernard (BSc, 1995) ( just finished (as of 2016) his MSc at Athabasca University and is now doing a PhD at University of Saskatchewan.

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