MSc Theses

Computational Complexity of Unsynchronized Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems with Context-Free Components by Javad Omidvar, May 2021 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Inter-group Heterogeneity of Regional Homogeneity (REHO) by Yan Jiang, December 2020 (supervisor: Russell Butler)

A Novel Approach to Evaluating Decision Tree Learning Algorithms by Tianqi Xiao, August 2020 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Smart Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection (Smart RCBO) by Martin Mafi, May 2020 (supervisors: Rami Yared and Layachi Bentabet)

Parse trees, Interference, and Mixed Nodes for Context-Free Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems by Mehrdad Naserdoust, April 2020 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Verification and TCTL Model Checking of Real-Time Systems on Timed Automata and Timed Kripke Structures, and Inductive Conversion Issues in Dense Time, by Negar Nourollahi, December 2019 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Two Problems Believed to Exhibit Superunitary Behaviour Turn out to Fall within the Church-Turing Thesis, by Abdollah Dadizadeh, January 2019 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Improved Balance in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games, by Chailong Huang, April 2018 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

The Equivalence of Computation Tree Logic and Failure Trace Testing under Multiple Conversion Algorithms, by Rui Zuo, April 2018 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

On the Equivalence between Computation Tree Logic and Failure Trace Testing by Sunita Singh, August 2017 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Communicating Multi-Stack Visibly Pushdown Processes by Davidson Madudu, March 2016 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Profile-Based Access Control in Cloud Computing Environments with Applications in Health Care Systems by Umair Mukhtar Ahmed Naushahi, February 2016 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Practical Applications of Biological Realism in Artificial Neural Networks, by Tegan Maharaj, November 2015 (supervisor: Layachi Bentabet).

A Combination Approach to Face Recognition by Andrew Enughwure, November 2015 (supervisor: Madjid Allili).

Students in Computer ScienceA Novel Image Segmentation Method based on Energy Minimization with an Application to Cardiac PET Image Segmentation, by Gong
Cheng, August 2015 (supervisor: Madjid Allili).

Computation Tree Logic Is Equivalent to Failure Trace Testing by A. F. M. Nokib Uddin, July 2015 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

The “ptrace” Solution to Stack Integrity Attacks in GNU/Linux Systems by Erick Leon, May 2015 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Toward a Model Checker for Ambient Logic Using the Process Analysis Toolkit by Yujie Sun, January 2015 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems with Context-Free Components Are Really Turing Complete by Mary Sarah Ruth Wilkin, November 2014 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

An Approach to Stack Overflow Counter-Measures Using Kernel Properties by Benjamin Teissier, November 2013 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

A Distributed Architecture for Remote Service Discovery in Pervasive Computing by Farzad Salehi, December 2011 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda)

Fast polygonal Approximation of Height Fields and Application to Interactive Visualization and Watershed Segmentation by Yan Chen, July 2011 (supervisors: Madjid Allili and Layachi Bentabet)

Bayesian Image Matting Using Infrared and Color Cues by Hui Zhang, May 2011 (supervisor: Layachi Bentabet)

Fuzzy Logic Techniques for Matting Using Infrared and Color Image by Guodong Gao, April 2011 (supervisor: Layachi Bentabet).

A Testing Framework for Real-Time Specifications by Chun Dai, January 2009 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda).

Communicating Visibly Pushdown Processes by Md. Tawhid Bin Waez, December 2008 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda).

Model Checking is Refining—Computational Temporal Logic is Equivalent to Failure Trace Testing by Zhyiu Zhang, December 2008 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda).

The Relationship Between Several Parallel Computational Models by Yuanqiao Zhang, December 2008 (supervisor: Stefan D. Bruda).

Multiple Target Tracking in Cluttered Scene by Yi Sun, August 2007 (supervisor: Layachi Bentabet).