Student sign-in for prof. Jensen's classes

Dear students,
I would like to have your name and your username. You may later also send me a picture.

Or send picture now, or rtrieve your forgotten code, or drop a class

Bishop's User Name

This is how you log in to Bishop's Computers, and is the name part of your email - so I will know your email also.

Linux User Name

If you get an account on either or, your user name there will be missing the 2 digits for the year you started.
For example, Ada Apple, will be aapple (not AAPPLE), since Linux is case sensitive for user and file names.
(And jsmith183 will be jsmith3)

I am signing in to this class (these classes):

Given name
Family name
Your Bishop's User Name
- how you log in to Bishop's computers
(ends with a number)
You will receive a confirming email, with a code for future modifications

Email policy, problems

Normal practice is to always use BU email addresses in communicationg with students. However, should a situation arise, as it has, when you cannot access your Bishop's mail, Please send me email from some account that you have access to, and I will use that instead.