CS 207 Lab 3

Friday, 1 February 2019

This week, your picture, and something else.

1. Your picture please

The class picture is now on the course website for download. Please download it, by clicking on the pictre to get full sized one and saving, or use a picture you have of yourslef, and use the Gwinview (Linux), Paint.net (Windows), Preview (Mac-OS) or other photo editor to crop and scale a picture of yourself so you have a picture of around 130 pixels high, file size less than 30K.

("Sign Up" for cs 207 first if you haven't done so,) and then submit the picture you have produced. (If you are a shy person, how about a picture of your dog or cat.)

Your name and picture must be found at http://cs.ubishops.ca/ljensen/seeclass.php?class=207
If your name is not there, nobody will find your pages!

You aren't in the picture? Where were you? Take your own.

2. Please do either:

A. Some means to see what's in your table

I assume you have some data in a table. Provide a way to see it using a web page (php with a select query). May take the form of either:

Do not show email, password or other sensitive data columns to the public.
Same rules as in cs 203, either

  1. Call abuse()
  2. Put it in your private directory, and let me know the password,
  3. Don't put a link to it, and tell me how to find it, or
  4. Only show information related to the "customer," who has identified her- or himself

Or B. A second table

If you have not already done so, create a second table that is related to the first, so it makes sense to join the two tables. With these:

Provide a means (expand your form, or additional form) to enter data into the second table. Allow me to do so. This means:

    1. There is a link that's obvious near the top of your index.html, and

    2. If it is private, give me a username and password (see Tell me..)

Some examples:

Or C. Something else interesting.

Amaze me!

Tell me what you have done.

  1. Where you are going in your "project" for this course. What are your forms and tables about?

  2. What tables you have, and how they are to be joined (on which columns, in other words, what you have declared with REFERENCES)

  3. The names of your files that contain forms or receive form data.

To receive full credit for the lab:

  1. Your picture is in the class list.

  2. I can either insert into the second table, or see what's in some table.

  3. You have filled out this form, so I know what to look for.

Tell me what you have done this week

You may fill out this form multiple times, in case you have more to say. For example, you might want to tell me about 2 or more different pages, or tell me about something else. I will see all the submissions, so don't be redundant.
If your work is in a subdirectory named, let's say, "FishPond", the appropriate "page name" below would be FishPond or FishPond/index.html

Your Linux code
Name (only) of ONE page: where I should start looking for a form.
What you did new this week: (and user/pass if there's a private page)

Lin Jensen