CS 207, Lab #8

For 15 March 2018 -- Give a "second Opinion" (Beware the ides of March!)

By all means, continue working on your site. Fix the problems I found when printing. (This means you, R. Votol! Yellow is as bad as using a 10H pencil on an exam.)

In particular, each of you can use some outside feedback. So...

  1. Go to the class list
  2. Find your name, and starting under it (in a circular fashion), locate 2 interesting sites.
  3. In case there is "nothing there" go on the the next name, if you get to the end of our class go back to the top.
  4. Look at all the pages you can find, try out the forms, and prepare some comments and any recommendations for improvement or enhancement.
  5. Submit your review this week, using the form below.

I intend to forward your remarks to the page owner, without your name.

Did you fill out the "Lab 7 form"?  If you didn't, do it now, tell me what you are working on, e-mail me, and be charged for a late assignment.

(Optional) Translation

hitme.php is "internationalized." See Internationalization.html. You may make your own translations into another language, if you do, send me email, in particular, what to put on a "Submit" button in that language. More below...

Report on TWO other sites this week, do so by Tuesday!

Your Linux code
Other Linux code: of one of the students whose site you reviewed. (submit form once for each).
Your comments on that site:

Ah, translations

 This would be appropriate for any page where there is a lot of php displaying items from your database, and yet has a number of words and phrases that it would be nice to show in the user's choice of language, and "locale" - Scots, Jamaicans, and Australians speak English rather differently from one another. You may wish to do this on one or more of your pages.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate some of the 6 phrases now in "hitme.php" translated into your language.

  1. Make a copy of /home/jensen/public_html/translations/hitme.pot (it is read-only). Rename it .po
  2. Edit it, filling in the empty msgstr lines, be sure your charset is UTF-8. Example:
    #: hitme.php:15
    msgid "your vote has been counted, from "
    msgstr "Your esteemed vote has been duly recorded, your IP is "
  3. translations/ is, for this week, "writeable" by you, you can make a language subdirectory, making sure it is named identically to one of the choices you will see with the command locale -a (well, it seems you can shorten to just language or language_country. Currently we have en_GB and fr, for example.) For any other language, I will try to download the locale for it.
  4. Make a subdirectory of that named LC_MESSAGES , and put your edited hitme.po in it.
  5. cd to your LC_MESSAGES and do the command:
    msgfmt -v -o hitme.mo hitme.po
    (a .mo file is a "machine object" binary designed for rapid access by gettext)
  6. Test it in a browser with:  hitme.php?lang=xx_CO, (where you put not xx_CO but the name of your language_Country directory)
  7. Email me with the corresponding value you want me to put on the "submit" button for your language.