Three column page using FLOAT

Below this line, there is a frame, within which there are 3 divs, all have padding and margin
This is the left column. The colours on this page are only there to show where the div's are.
This is the Center column. I like to put my good stuff here. Which is why I put in this poem.

Substance Abuse

What is this mysterious power
That is possessed by materialism
That even in the darkness
It casts its shadows
Shadows to which we give
Such great substance.
-- Jason Krpan

If you want the short column's colour to continue to the "footer" you must give it the same colour as the frame (or body). The frame will have no height unless there is something in it with style "clear:both", such as my "footer" (take out the yellow "span" to verify this)

If you don't specify an adaquate "min-width" for the frame, the central column will be forced down below the left one for narrower windows (since margin and padding are outside the specified widths)
After all the columns. Where will this go? Better not!