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CS 203

Interactive Web Page Design

Course Outline

Class meets MWF 8:30 in NIC-8
Lab meets Fridays 1:30 - 4:30 in LLC-105.
You must register in both CS203 and CSL203,
you may do so even if there is a time conflict with the lab, since you can do the work at any time using any computer.
Currently Bishop's is under Mask Friendly rules.I would appreciate if you staves 2 meters away or wore a mask when closer. In the Lab pleawe wear a mask so I will feel free to come over and give help to you or your neighbors.

Prof. Lin Jensen
Office: J-103
Office Hours: see , or by appointment
Phone: ext. 2361
Course Website:

As a Textbook there is a course pack for sale in the bookstore, and this material is also on line. Some useful books are in the library

Land Acknowledgement

Bishop's University is located on traditional, unceded land of the Abanaki people.
K'wlipai8ba W8banakiak wdakiw8k

This course will teach you not only to create web pages, but put fill-out forms on them, and use these forms to store or retrieve data on a server (computer where your web pages reside.) You will learn techniques to vary the content of your pages to suit the reader. I do not assume any programming experience, only a familiarity with the web. We will first learn how html pages are specified (using plain text with "markup" tags), then how forms are inserted. Next we will learn a bit about programming languages, sufficient to insert short sections of code ("script") into our pages. Such code represents commands to be carried out, allowing the page to respond and change in various ways. Since a web page resides on a web server, and is sent to a "client" (the web browser on your computer) script can either be executed by the server, or by the client, with differing capabilities.

This will be a "hands on" course. Lab assignments will build upon each other, and must be done week to week. During the scheduled 3 hour lab period I will be able to assist you in getting things to work. You may work in Bishop's labs at other times as well, subject to computer availability. You can also work from anywhere else in the world if you have a computer and Internet access. However, I am not responsible for any problems you may encounter or shortcomings in software you may employ.

I expect you to participate in the weekly labs. Please note that you will get a single mark for the course including the lab, even though the lab is registered separately as a matter of administrative convenience.


Grading Scheme:

This is a "hands-on" course. You will be expected to do lab work each week, and complete some programming projects as we go along. These need to be done in a timely fashion, as they will build one upon the other. An overall goal of the course is to create your own "home pages" that you will be proud of.
Programming assignments (lab) 55%
Content of final pages
Final exam 25%
You must pass the exam portion to pass the course. No supplemental exam will be allowed.

Reference books: (in the Library)

The Internet documents itself! You will find links to most of these topics by doing your own on-line searches. In addition I will put useful links on line. In particular you will find the course pack and links to HTML, CSS,  PHP and JavaScript tutorials and the reference materials.

Course sign-in & Assignments:

On the class webpage you will find links to the course notes, examples, and weekly lab assignments.

Before the second lab, You will need an account for Osiris, the web server we shall be using. For this I will need your name and Bishop's email (what comes before if you are not yet on the official class list.
Please sign in to the class at as the best way to ensure that you get an account promptly.

Once the class is over, your materials may disappear.   I will delete your account after one year, unless you ask me in April to keep it. Before the end of the course, we will discuss options for more permanent pages.

Lab Work

The assignments in this course are to be done, using any computer, before or during the lab period, and will be evaluated by Friday. Most computers in Bishop's labs are I-Macs, some can run either Mac-OS or Windows. You may also use your own computer in this course.

The scheduled lab meets in N-113. The only OS is Windows. Further description is 2 years old, layout may have changed.
Some students prefer to bring their own laptops to the lab. If you do, sit in a chair not in front of a computer (1 char in 6 at each table). I cannot promise to be able to read small type on laptops.

(this info may also have changed)
The Computer Science lab, J-118, is open from 8:00 to 4:30 Monday to Friday. It is accessible by key card ($20 deposit) 7 days a week from 5:30 to 23:00 ( 11 pm, you may be asked to leave at midnight.) You may work on your own time, subject to machine availability, and I encourage you to start early.

The sequel, CS 207

(Next given possibly winter 2023) If you wish to continue on to CS 207, your accounts will be kept, and we will build upon your previous work. This course introduces the use of a database, allowing very flexible storage and retrieval of data. Expect to learn yet another language, SQL, and do much more extensive PHP programming. Authentication and security issues will also be covered.

I expect you to participate in the weekly labs. Work submitted late will receive zero credit. -- 2 delays allowed

Anyone can get sick, have conflicting family commitments, or unexpected emergencies. Therefore, at most 2 lab assignments may be submitted up to one week late. This "grace" allowance is intended to cover unexpected contingencies, and should not be used frivolously early in the semester.

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