CS 203 Lab 3

Due within 4 days of the lab

Starting this week, you will indicate that your lab is ready for marking by filling out a form that is below

If you have not already done so, please get your index.html page on osiris.
This week, be sure you have some interesting content. You can remove anything you only did because I wanted you to try something out.
This week I want you to have at least two pages, so start a new one if you only have index.html as yet.

CSS styles

For today, add some (more) style specifications to your page(s). See How to do CSS styles

Modify some image for your site.

For example, if an image is 3000 pixels wide, and has too much sky and a building wall on the left and you want the final result to be 400 pixels wide on your page, first select a rectangle and crop to eliminate the extra edges, and then resize (scale) to a width of 400(pixels). (Be sure a box such as "keep ratio" is checked, so you don't distort the picture)

Most PC's have utilities with at least capabilities to crop, to adjust brightness and contrast, and to scale (resize) images.
In our lab, use:
In particular, you could:

All pages should be linked

All your pages should be reachable from index.html. One should be able to start there, and find links to (most) of the other pages. Each other page should have a link back to "home" (index.html)

<a href="index.html">Home</a>

As sites become more complex, site navigation becomes more problematic. Put links to other pages wherever appropriate. One hates to be sent around in circles without ever finding what one thinks must be there, however.

Minimum requirements for this week:

  1. You signed in to the class, so your name is in the class list, otherwise your lab will not be marked,
  2. Some file has been modified,
  3. You use some CSS,
  4. At least one page (file) has a background-image, and the the text contrasts well with it. (Yellow on white doesn't.)
  5. It appears that you have modified some image, perhaps for size, cropping, or brightness.
  6. You now have at least 2 pages, and there is a list, an image, and a table.
  7. Each page has a distinct title (so I can tell them apart in my "History")
  8. Each page has a link back to "Home" (index.html)
  9. Home has links, directly or indirectly, to every file you expect us to look at! This is a continuing requirement.
  10. Tell me what you did, by filling out this form, so that I can find your form easily, and you can tell me anything you want about it, or your pages.
Please feel free to experiment as much as you like with styles.
Your Linux code (Osiris username)
Name (only) of the page I should start at:
What you want to tell me about it and what you did new this week:

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