CS 203, Lab 8

Check your form using HTML 5, also some JavaScript

This week, please check that your existing form on Osiris is properly filled out. I do not want the form to submit if I fail to fill in something you require.
It is unnecessary and unreasonable to check everything.For instance, if a voter is undecided, you shouldn't force a choice, and requiring an extra comment just invites "qwertyu" type comments. Please specify on your form what is required to be completed.
If you ask for or require email, DO NOT show it to the public!

One should be able to find your form easily, starting from index.html. If you have more than one form, I would like to know which one has the checking!
It will probably be the page you gave on the "Lab 5 form," but help me, fill out this new form.

It used to be necessary to use javascript, but with HTML 5

So you probably won't need any javascript. In this case I would like computer science students to use some javascript, you may choose from these options:

Check for error messages by opening the JavaScript Console.
Fill out this form, so that I will know your lab is ready, and I can find your form easily. You can tell me anything you want about it, such as what is required, and how you are checking it.
Your Linux code
Name (only) of the page where your form is: (NOT the form's action, )
Anything you want to tell me about your form and your Javascript:

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