This is a character set test: Québec

Deliberately using 2 different common character encodings

ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1): Français à des beau rêves.

UTF-8: Québec français Hélène.

In this file we have specified Latin-1 in metatags, but my Apache, by default, sends UTF-8 as a header. Therefore, Latin-1 rules when viewing as a file, utf-8 when a html file is fetched from localhost via apache.
But this particular file uses a php header statement to send a true header, so Latin-1 should rule again (and the meta tag be ignored)

Now to be totally safe, this section uses html entities

Québec à un goût français.

Useful entities for typographical “symbols” and ‘dashes’

Longer than a hyphen - are the en–dash and the em—dash, equal in width to the letters n and m.

" " - plain old ASCII quote
“ “
” ”
‘ ‘
’ ’
– –
— —