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 Assignment 1 due Monday 22 January 2018
Assignment 2 due Monday 19 February 2018 (available on Moodle - can submit file there, or on paper to me) Three rules about Privacy.
Term Paper,   due 16 April 2018, outline due Wednesday 28 February 2018

Books in the Library

2018 Class

On-line sources

Case studies

John Halleck's ethics cases One feature of these cases is a section, Why is this a COMPUTER ethics problem and not just a common ethics problem?

Ethics Connection - Santa Clara University

Publications on various ethical issues, including a section on Technology ethics and an article on access and internet use in libraries. (Link contributed by Will Conners)

Wired magazine

Wired has many articles on line, including some of the readings in Ermann's textbook. You can search their archives at http://www.wired.com/

Views on Intellectual property

Codes of ethics

Philosophical foundations

in Library

The following books are in the library.

In J-9 (CSC Club library)

When you find generally interesting items on-line, please send me the links by e-mail, and I will keep expanding this listing.

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