Grading will be based on one take-home mid-term test (covering searching and propositional logic and thus happening around week 5, 25%), a few (2-3) assignments (25%), and a take-home open-book final examination (50%). There will be no supplemental examinations.

None of the written examinations will require physical presence. They will be administered as fillable PDF documents to be completed with your responses and returned to the instructor by email. The more detailed procedure will be provided in due course.

All the work in the course is individual.

Any form of academic dishonesty will result automatically in zero marks for the respective test and may be further pursued according to the departmental and university regulations on the matter.

Special needs

Should you require special accommodations because of a disability, please come and discuss this with me at the begining of the term. I will not take into consideration requests made on or after the day in which the first assignment is released. You must also contact the Student Accessibility & Accommodation Services to obtain authorization for any special arrangements.