cs216 class

CS 216, System Programming Languages

Comprising low-level "Assembly language", the C language, and the Linux operating system

Course Outline

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Current Lab instructions - Lab list

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Online Course notes

These notes are meant to supplement the textbook, with more examples and explanations. Generally, the note chapters correspond to the book chapters.

A classic C tutorial

My notes on C

Sample Final Exam

Sample midterm / review questions

2018 practice midterm

Some C notes, 29 January 2010

Using Macros in Assembly Language

C and mips, side by side

The example programs in the book, and some of my own,  are on linux.ubishops.ca in our course directory, /home/COURSES/cs216, sub-directory examples, the programming questions are in quests.


  1. Assignment 1, binary arithmetic, due Friday, 27 January 2023
  2. Assignment 2, Hex arithmetic, and 2 MIPS instructions, due Friday, 17 February 2023
  3. Assignment 3, Boolean algebra and pseudo instructions, due 17 March 2023

Lab instructions:

Weekly lab period of: Due end of the week (Midnight Friday). Start early! Subject to change

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  1. Lab 1, 17 January addition.a, easy.a
  2. Lab 2, 24 January math2.a and (math6.a OR math7.a )
  3. Lab 3, 31 January loop4.a,
  4. Lab 4, 7 February MIPS program loop6.a, and C program minmax.c
  5. Lab 5, 14 February MIPS program logic7.a and C program changecase.c.
  6. Lab 6, 21 February MIPS programs bits.a and  stack2.a
  7. - Reading Week --
  8. Lab 7, 7 March MIPS program funct7.a and C program oddeven.c
  9. Lab 8, 14 March MIPS program recur1.a OR recur3.a recommended if you are having trouble
  10. Lab 9, 21 March , C program to evaluate an arithmetic expression,  evalprefix.c
  11. Lab 10, 28 March, MIPS program calctree.a, evaluate a binary expression tree, recursively.
  12. Lab 11, 4 April, C program to merge two ordered lists, merge.c
  13. Lab 12, 11 April, using make -- a C sorting project involving multiple files

Class examples

From time to time, I put the code for class examples in the sub-directory examples
(the older ones are also here on cs, hence the links)

James Larus on Assemblers, Linkers, and SPIM (84 page PDF)

A classic C tutorial

Only note that the syntax for declaring argument types for functions is archaic.

My notes on C

C and mips, side by side

reverse a string.

Summary of Intel assembler instructions, and Floating point coprocessor

Prepared by Lin Jensen, at Bishop's UniversityBishop's Coat of Arms