Simulation Toolboxes

for Computer Science 301a
Simulation Techniques

adapted by Lin Jensen, Bishop's University and students from System simulation; programming styles and languages, Wolfgang Kreutzer, 1986



The following are Pascal Units, they are ASCII text files: USEBIOS: Screen stuff, not a simulation toolbox, but a general purpose unit for Clearing screen, positioning cursor, writing Prompts for user input, and waiting for a keypress, without losing output file redirection capability.

USES heirachy:

                 SIMOBJ    QUEUE   CLOCK
                     \      |      /
        QNETOBJ ------ COPROC ---- STATOBJ ---- MCOBJ
                            |      |
                          /    |     \
                   MESSAGE  RESOURCE  ANIMATOR

all the toolboxes assume a global variable TheClock, declared as one of the types in CLOCK.

Ordering of units: SIMOBJ must appear in the USES statement before PROC_MAN, because the Reporter global object must be initialized before Monitor.

Main program examples:

Please note:

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