CS 207, Lab #9

For 20 March 2017

Improve your own site

By now, you are all working on your own unique projects, so I can't say, in general, ""Do an IFRAME this week." So, using the philosophy of "incremental development," decide what the next thing you can do that will make your site more useful, and next week, the thing after that...  Hopefully you have some goal in mind.

You could do some of the suggestions I made in Lab 7, or translations in Lab 8. (open in "other" tab)

As usual, tell me about what you did new this week, using the form below.

In brief:

  1. Add some functionality to your site, which wasn't there before. (This is an ongoing requirement!) Tell me what it is, and how to use it.
  2. Fill in the Form below! No form, no credit.

Add functionality

Example: To realistically allow a logged in customer to order a music CD, You would need a page that lists all or part of the available ones, and also has access to the identity of the customer. This might entail changes to your database, or setting a cookie, or using a session, or creating a form to search the product table.

Ease of site navigation

From a user point of view, is the site accessible? Maintaining a menu on each page is one good way. A logged-in user may well have more options.

Tell me what you have done this week

Your Linux code
Name of a page: where I should start looking for what's new.
What you did new this week: