CS 203, Assignment 1

A first HTML page

For the first scheduled lab session

By next week I will create a separate account for you on the server Osiris, where your web pages will be located. Your Osiris username will be without trailing numbers.
Example: if Jennifer Bond's username is jbond007, her Osiris username will be just jbond (use this in the form below)

The main goal of this first assignment is to compose a web page using HTML tags, and submit it to me, using the yellow form below.

  1. Sit down at a computer. Turn it on if necessary. (or use your own, with wi-fi -- do not umplug ethernet cables)
  2. Most labs at Bishop;s are Windows only. If you are offered the choice of Mac-OS or have a Mac laptop, consider yourself lucky.
  3. Log in, with your normal ubishops username.
  4. Open a web browser to view these instructions at https://cs.ubishops.ca/ljensen/webdesign/lab1.html
  5. Open a plain text editor, I recommend Notepad++ in Windows
  6. Type in an HTML formatted document. It should begin with <html> and end with </html> It should have a head section and a body section. See skel.html.
    Save it with a name ending in .html, and you will see the tags highlighted - this is a very useful editor feature. Do this now! -- so that as you edit, you get the benefit of highlighting.
    Be sure your name is included where I will see it. Include some interesting information about yourself, or about something that interests you, such as the GO tournament scene, or extreme bartending.
  7. Please use (at least) the following tags (and their closures, </...>):
    1. Title (appears in window title), this goes in the head section
    2. Headers - h1, h2, etc.
    3. Paragraph (p)
    4. Line break (br) How is it different from a paragraph?
    5. Emphasis and strong emphasis (em, strong)
    6. An unordered list (ul) or an ordered list (ol), with list items (li)
    7. A horizontal rule (hr) - this is a line across the page.
    8. A link, for example your favorite website, or your e-mail address (link is "mailto:myself%40snailmail.com")
      %40 is a code for @ in this context, to "hide" our address from spammers.
    9. the & sign, coded as &amp;
  8. Save your page (to a file: Save as... )
  9. You have Firefox or other web browser open to view this, or open one now.Open your file in it (File menu, Open File, choose your file... *) to see how it displays. Make changes as necessary, save, then press the browser's "reload" button to see the changes. (in Firefox, this is  small  clockwise arrow at the right of the location.)
    (* Some browsers don't show a menu bar. If not, try to change settings, or you'll have to type file:///...?)
  10. When you are satisfied, submit the file to me using this form:
    Your Name:     e.g. Jennifer Bond
    Your Osiris Username: e.g. jbond
    Choose your file:
    If you included any picture(s) in your page, use the form again for each picture.
    Picture names must end in .jpeg,.jpg, or .png (lower case).
  11. Test it! When you sent your file (.html) you got a link to the uploaded file. Does it still look right? Do you see your pictures?
  12. Optional: Test your osiris account, change your password there please.
    1. Your username is generally the first letter of your given name, then your family name, all lower-case. If yours is a new account, your initial password is what I told you in class.
    2. In a Mac-OS terminal  type:  (in Windows, use PuTTY)
      ssh jbond@osiris.ubishops.ca
    3. Give your initial password. (Don't know? Ask me)
    4. You are now logged in remotely to osiris Change your password:
      passwd (
      and press Enter) then when prompted, type your existing password, and then your chosen password, two times. (You won't see anything on the screen as you type) (press Enter at the end of each password.) Remember it!
    Trouble getting connected? see Troubleshooting