Below is a list of faculty that are active in the department, and available to students with course specific questions. If you need administrative support, we encourage you to refer your questions to one of the following;

  • The Chair of the department (see below) can address detailed program questions, including program requirements, planning and selection, research opportunities, graduate studies, and more.
  • The Academic advisor, if available, can offer support including course registration and course load, important dates, academic policies and more.
  • The Academic Deans serve as the academic and administrative anchors to the professors within their Faculties or Schools as well as the students.

Faculty of the Computer Science Department:

Dr. Elmehdi Aitnouri

Contract Faculty

Dr. Mohammed Ayoub Alaoui Mhamdi

Dr. Mohammed Ayoub Alaoui Mhamdi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Madjid Allili

Full Professor

Dr. Allili’s personal Website

Dr. Layachi Bentabet

Full Professor – Department Chairperson

Dr. Stefan Bruda

Full Professor – Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Russell Butler

Assistant Professor

Dr. Butler’s personal Website

Mr. Lin Jensen

Senior Instructor

Mr. Jensen’s personal Website

Dr. Nelly Khouzam

Full Professor – Retired Faculty

Dr. Khouzam’s personal Website

Dr. Yasir Malik

Assistant Professor

Mr. Gregory Mierzwinski

Contract Faculty

Mr. Dimitri Vouliouris

Professor Emeritus