Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Computer Science

Master of Science (MSc)

We offer a thesis-based as well as a course-based Master of Science (MSc). The course-based Master’s offers a solid background for students aiming at a professional career. The academic focus of the thesis-based Master’s is excellence in research and it aims to provide a starting point to students oriented toward PhD studies but also to professionally inclined candidates. Many of our thesis-based graduates have pursued PhD studies, but several have gone into successful professional careers right after completing their degree.

Besides (and in addition to) the academic atmosphere, the department at large (both faculty and students) also supports the pursuit of knowledge by offering a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Interested candidates should consult first the Graduate Admission section to find whether they meet the requirements.

For thesis-based Master’s one important condition for admission is the availability of a faculty member willing to supervise the academic program of studies and research of the candidate. Potential candidate should therefore consult the Faculty section to find out about potential supervisors. Preliminary contact with potential supervisors is not required, but it is recommended.

Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Stefan Bruda