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Grading will be based on a number of tokens. Tokens are earned by doing assignments and quizzes based on previous assignments. There is no final or mid-term examination.

You will be given one programming assignment about every two weeks. Each assignment is worth a strictly positive number n of tokens (to be established when the assignment is published). You can receive any number of tokens between 0 and n. Exceptionally good solutions will also receive 10% ``bonus'' marks. The degree of difficulty of the assignments (and hence the number of tokens awarded for them) will increase steadily. In particular, toward the end of the term there will be a larger assignment (aka project).

Historically, this course has featured four assignments, graded out of 2, 4, 4, and 10 tokens, respectively. You should expect only minor variations of the above assignment structure.

All the assignments are individual unless otherwise stated in the handout. All the collaborators (if applicable) must be named and must be currently taking the course.

Upon completion of selected assignments, you will have to do an open-book, in-class quiz. The questions in the quiz will be related to the just completed assignment. Each quiz will be no more than 30 minutes in length (often much shorter) and is worth one or two tokens. Quizzes will be usually given at the end of the class. They will not be announced in advance. You can get any number of tokens between zero and the maximum (one or two) for a quiz; there are no bonuses.

Exactly all the tokens will contribute equally to your final grade for the course.

Special needs

Should you require special accommodations because of a disability, please come and discuss this with me at the begining of the term. I will not take into consideration requests made on or after the day in which the first assignment is released. You must also contact the Students with Disabilities Office to obtain authorization for any special arrangements.

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