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Lecture notes

Notes (4-up) Notes (1-up) Relevant textbook material
C++ basics C++ basics Most of Chapters 2, 4, 5, and 7
Namespaces Namespaces Section 20.7
Pointers, arrays, structures Pointers, ... Section 9.5, Chapters 10 and 18
Vectors and strings Vectors and strings none yet
Multiple files1 Multiple files1 Section 6.9, extra1
Scope and extent Scope... Section 5.9, extra
Classes Classes Chapters 6, 11, 16 (partial), 17 (partial), 18 (rest of), 20
The C++ preprocessor The C++ preprocessor Various chapters, also some extra material
Templates Templates Chapter 22
Standard template library2 Standard template library2 Chapters 23 and 24, extra 2
Exceptions, virtual functions Exceptions, virtual functions Chapters 19 and part of 21
Smart pointers3 Smart pointers3 External documentation
On functions and their use On functions  
Debugging and options Debugging  
On presentation and style Style



... files1
More information on the matter of programming with multiple modules can be found on the Web here (continued in the next section; previous section also worth a look). See the on-line material for more details on makefiles.
... library2
Also check out and The example of the function max defined as a first class object is available.
... pointers3
The mentioned link contains details and also implementations. References therein are well worth a look too. Yonat Sharon, the author of the cited material also maintains a bunch of stuff useful for development under C++.

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