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Welcome to my homepage! Here is some information about me: I received my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, in Computer and Automatic Control, from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt in 1981. In 1983, I arrived at McGill and left in 1986 with an M.Sc. in Computer Science. My Masters Thesis was under the supervision of Professor Vasek Chvatal, who introduced me to the intriguing world of Graph Theory. A couple of months after graduation, I joined Bishop's University as a Lecturer in the Computer Science Department. In 1991, I took two years of Perfectionnement leave, and spent them in Manchester, England, starting my Ph.D. in the Department of Computation at UMIST, under the supervision of Mr. G.V. Conroy. My thesis work involved combining Genetic Algorithms with Decision trees, to build a robust Machine Learning algorithm. Back at Bishop's in 1993, I was a bit distracted by the arrival of two lovely children in my life. Nevertheless, I successfully completed my Ph.D. in 1997, and am currently an associate professor at Bishop's. 

Nelly Khouzam 
B.Sc. (Elec.Eng.,  Ain Shams), M.Sc.(McGill), Ph.D.(UMIST
Associate Professor and  Chair 
Department of Computer Science 
Bishops University. 

Office: Hamilton 160 
Tel.: (819) 822-9600 ext.2414 
Fax. (819) 822-9661 


My interests are divided between two areas:  The hardware aspect of computer science and data communications, and the design and analysis of algorithms. 

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Among the courses I teach are:  Programming Methodology - CSC111
Data Structures - CSC204
Design & Analysis of Algorithms - CSC217
Computer Organization - CSC211
Data Communications - CSC215
Using and Designing Databases - CSC207